Monday, July 13, 2009

the liberation that is rain >



[ Written on a Monday ... while i was hopelessly waiting for sleep to go away ]

Its official. Monday is the worst day of the week. Every other day is fine but this day has some unusual fuckin feel that plainly irritates you. May be the ‘rest’ taken on two previous days makes us tired on Monday mornings. ‘Rest’ however means different things for different people ofcourse. If you have been boozing on weekend, beer will always haunt on Monday. Obviously, the feeling that comes after a beer cant be paralled [ except by sex..which is a complete different scenario] ; hence Monday blues can be tolerated after boozing.

Anyways, comin back to the day itself, the sleep generally stays there till atleast half the day; no matter what; even if the deadlines are out to slaughter you brutally. Talking about deadlines, ever wondered why most deadlines are fixed for mondays? Go figure while you work weekends.

When i was doin my summers at American Express last year, i had to work saturdays as well. The sad part ? We all...15 team members... used to like the empty office. We all had coffee machine all to ourselves and used to listen music loudly while working. Now i realise that how sadistic that enjoyment was !! We actually had to work according to British timings as all the account and finance statements came from Amex Brit office. So plainly, while those fuckin Brits slept cosily, we worked our asses here.

But anyways, monday well... cant be undone watever you do. Ask Garfield. Even he hates mondays...and he does nothin !

However, if monday is gettin to you bad... try seinfeld and groucho marx quotes. Trust me, it feels better.


Friday, July 10, 2009

3 AM and no sleep ...

It happens when something hurts badly. Time , they say, flies... it does thankfully otherwise the pain wont ever pass. At times, time itself becomes the great healer. It gives you consolation that watever the mindfuck thing happens today, good times are just ahead.

Love in general hurts the most. Its when we make ourself completely vulnerable to someone special that we really exprience pain. We feel all those emotions we felt we could never have. We do all those things that we always wanted to do.. or didnt ever. Some things that we despised objectively..haunt us subjectively. Love hurts , no doubt.. but then whats life w/o that anyway? We can go on fuckin and watever... but when we love.. we get to experience the best as well as the worst of self. And it depends on us which one of those we wish to choose.... that choice alone makes any love special... or not ...

cheers :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chained freedom ?

We all go through phases when we really think where are we headed? Thats the time when a thought constantly occupies the mindspace: Who am I and where should i ideally be? Trouble is these questions never really get answered. May be coz we try too hard or watever other reasons but they never get solved.

At the cost of generalising too much, i can think of one thing. Every morning we go to work, swipe our cards and spend 8-9 hrs there working. Ever thought how much work is actually there? If analysed carefully, only 2-3 hrs will suffice. But we are kinda 'chained' for 8 hrs. The concept of attendance...All those fancy gizmos like swipe cards etc..there to mark our "attendance" ..arent they thoughts & inventions of some demented mind who probably enjoyed 16 hrs of useless study over real education? Why cant we just go, finish off work and do watever we want w/o giving fuckin care about attendance? Why aren't pay systems performance based instead of focussing on time?

This "time concept" , a brainchild of Frederick Taylor (considered to be one of the best management gurus) is a totally flawed one. All that it encourages is to waste around 3-4 hrs loitering, having coffee, chattin etc at office coz work anyways is of 2-3 hrs. Again, i am generalising too much here. But i have noticed this in detail during my summer trainin and my current job.

Well anyways, this is just one of those unanswered questions. One of those "logical" things one should refrain speaking against. Trouble is... this is just one of the many